About Art in the Studio

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Art in the Studio aim’s to provide great in depth tips, how to’s, and advice to artists of every level – and to encourage experimentation and open mindedness in the journey towards developing your own unique visual art style or practice.

This Site is created and directed by Tom Parsons, an Artist from Melbourne, Australia. Tom has a Degree in Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from Monash University. Having drawn from an early age, Tom expanded his creative repertoire in his early teens taking on oil painting, after many years (nearly 12…time flies) of working with Oils, Acrylics, Sculpture and Video Art and having exhibited broadly…and also working in Art Supplies Industry for 7 years, Tom aims to take his knowledge for Painting, Art and the art industry and share it with any one willing to listen.

We often hear the story from budding Artists that they ‘used to love art’ when they were younger, but ‘life got in the way,’ we hope that Art in the Studio gives inspiration and motivation to those who want to find the time to pick up the paint brush again.

Our hope is that you find something to take away from our guides and lessons. Whether you are using this information as a guide for your classroom, or you are trying your hand at a new medium and you are looking for some clarity.